Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A week to go!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We started our journey in June of 2009 by finding an adoption agency. We were very fortunate to meet Debby who has held our hands every step of the way. We finally finished our home study and the dossier went to Lithuania in May of 2010. When you first see the long list of home study and dossier forms and required documents it seems like you'll never finish. Once all the paperwork is done the waiting begins. We were very lucky and got our referral in December of 2010. Yep - the week before Christmas week! What a wonderful present but trying to get the medical review and several sets of questions back and forth was nerve-racking. We didn't tell our families until February when we were sure our acceptance of the referral was confirmed. Our son will be the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents, so this is very exciting for the entire family. We were able to send him a little box of toys for his birthday in March and we included a photo album with pictures of the family including the kitties, the house, his room, etc.. We have been told that he asks about us every day. We leave on June 21 and meet him on the 24th. We have so much to do around the house getting ready for our little guy! We got his room ready, I crocheted a little afghan in the colors of the Lithuanian flag, John finished a toy chest and painted a little step stool. Hopefully a five year old boy will like them! We'll try to post a little something every day and will post pictures of our beautiful little son as soon as we can - he is absolutely adorable.

Almost finished - looks wonderful!

Our little guy's package from us.

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