Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday - dressed for success

So, we had pretty much our usual breakfast this morning. We did buy some strawberries and peaches yesterday, so that was an added plus. Then it was time to get ready to meet with the attorney. Ange met us at our apartment with the cab. It was probably about a 15 minute ride to the Family Law Center office. Glad I wasn't driving, some of our side streets are so narrow I'm surprised we could make the turns. We met with the attorney, and she explained to us how the Lithuanian court system works on adoptions. There should be no more than 9 of us in the courtroom. That's Veronica, Myself, our attorney, interpreter, judge, secretary, and then 3 government officials. We both will have to agree with certain things, and will each have to give a speech. There is no time limit other than the max of two weeks for the judge to make her decision. However, it might come sooner than that, so we will keep our fingers crossed.

After our meeting, we headed home. We ate a nice sausage, potatoes, cucumber, tomato, and bread lunch. Saulius was playing with his toys from last night until I mentioned going to the park. Off we went, about 20 minutes into that adventure you could see his eyes closing. So, off we went back home for nap time. Which is where he is now sound asleep. We'll probably take another walk downtown this afternoon, and maybe grab a bite to eat.

We are discussing all kinds of plans for later this week and next week with Veronica's cousins but need to get our judges decision first. Oh, and before I forget...once we have the decision, it should take 4-5 days to get all the paperwork done for us to get home.

More later....

I'm ready for my GQ cover shot!

I'm just one cool lithuanian dude!

Nap after busy morning at the lawyers.

Love bananas!

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  1. Wow you folks have been very busy for the past few days. Dave and I willkeep you in our thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly and fast. It ia amazing how quickly you and Veronica are in getting Saulius schedule done to a science. Hopefully the time difference will be easy to get used to. Enjoy yourselves. Look forward to the updates