Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waiting to meet our son!

We got up early - around 5:30 - but felt rested. The matress is really comfy. We don't have AC so I'm very grateful that the weather is going to no hotter than 75 for the next few days. We had rye bread with butter and jam, tea and some very yummy yogurt for breakfast (ok-only I had yogurt, John won't touch the stuff). We do have a little washer (no dryer) but it only holds a very small amount. I tried it out with our travel clothes and they dried pretty well over night. Last night I was able to FaceTime (skype) with Ted. We might try to do that tonight if it'so not too overwhelming for the little guy. Yes Mom - I did put on make up and even ironed my shirt. Our FLC (family law Center) Contact will be here at 8:45 with a taxi for the hour long trip to the orphanage. I don't know how long we will be there, but on the way home we will get to experience our first grocery store trip with a five year old. I hope we all survive! We will try to post some pictures from our first meeting as soon as we can. Just got some thunder and lightening so hopefully we won't be a soggy mess. Rats - it just started to pour!

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