Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quiet Sunday Evening

After a good nap - all by himself - we walked down to the cathedral, took some pictures and walked home. There was a band in the town square again, so we got to see Saulius' dancing skills again, he does have a good sense of rhythm. We are using a baby tether which is a little backpack with a handle/leash on it. As they are not used here we get plenty of weird looks - some approving, some not so much. It is really needed as he is a speedy guy, and we can't communicate well. Dinner was tortellini and veggies with a tomato and cucumber on the side. He really does like everything except for the hot cereal I made this morning. We didn't have any sugar so he wasn't interested. We now have a pound of sugar in the house. It's time to hit the playground in the courtyard to burn off the post dinner rush of energy, then beddy bye!

Of course we had to have a bath before bed. Seems they only get baths 2-3 times per week. He just loves them! He flops around in the tub like he's swimming and gets quite excited about it. If we mention a bath and head to the tub room, he's naked before we get the warm water on. Tonigh he got in his new Thomas the tank engine pajamas and just loved them. He also insists on wearing shoes all the time even in the house. He even has to put on crocs or water shoes or sandals to visit the bathroom at night.

We tried some sesame street videos to help him

wind down but it back-fired! He was really wound up and getting him to bed was a challenge. We have found that looking at the picture book we sent over for his birthday and letting him tell the stories he has created about each picture does the trick. He finally crashed and I'm not far behind.


  1. What's the story about that statue?

  2. The statue is a memorial to the King's who united Lithuania. Along the four sides are their faces and names.