Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last minute details......

Got our banking chores done but I must be nervous, because I forgot my checkbook and ATM card. The teller was great and found a way to get us straightened out. Then when we were double checking the airplane tickets we finally noticed that John's name wasn't quite right - he's a "II" not a "III". Fortunately a quick call to the travel agent fixed that. We have just been picking up around the house while waiting for Ted to pick us up. I did a quick review of the documents we need to take and we should be ok. We did need to take some stuff out of our suitcases since the weight limit is 50 lbs, but most fit in our carry ons. Thanks for all the good wishes!


  1. Not too far off though... although he's John II, you'll be coming home with the new and improved John III - Good luck to you all!
    P.S. Stay away from those minor beta upgrades... John III.1, III.2 etc. :)

  2. Safe travels. Maeir and wish you a wonderful journey.