Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just some funny things....

Ok just a few funny things to point out.

I hate sitting here in 80 degree weather and my back sticking to the leather seats in our living room at night. I want my A/C back!

Saw the Lithuanian version ( I swear it's true ) of Married With Children. New actors, same story/lines just in Lithuanian. OH MY GOD!

Ok, everyday we watch Likus, which is a music show. Last night a guy who was probably 5'6" was singing next to a woman 6' and he looked short as heck.

The next act was some guy singing "Summer Love?" from Grease. He must have been 50+ and his female singer was probably in her 40's.

The is no lack of pressure in the water pipes if you know what I mean.

TP is 3/4 the size and just as expensive.

Drivers here are as bad as in DC, but they HAVE to stop for pedestrians. Only problem is that you are still taking your life in your hands.

The food is good, the beer is good, and yes all these people stay up til midnight each night. I don't know when work starts, but it must be late.

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