Friday, June 24, 2011

Out on the town

So, everyone slept well last night. Saulius and Dad were the first to drop off. We got up about 7 am, and veronica made a breakfast of eggs, toast, butter, yogurt, juice, and milk. Then we all got cleaned up. Saulius has gone to the bathroom much better today, and sometimes on his own without being asked if he has to go. He likes the pictures that we took at the park yesterday. There's one of Mom pushing him on the swing. He also likes the one Dad took of Mom sleeping in the airport in Frankfort.
Now, he is reading his new photo book (again) and pointing out Red and Tuxette. Now. We are also discussing my tractor. I think I will be giving him lots of rides on it when we get home. He is very, very good about putting things away. He also likes music, and will dance when it strikes him. It's actually kind of fun watching him dance to American music groups dubbed into Lithuanian.
On our walk downtown yesterday, he just started saying to people on the street " labas diena" which means "good day." he got lots of smiles from the people and Mom and Dad.

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  1. Don't EVER let him lose that engrained good habit of putting things away!