Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, church, park, and games

So, we decided to go back to the same church as yesterday for Mass. It started at 10:30 and we got there early. Saulius did very well, and made it thru the homliy before getting restless. The rest of the time, he sat still or held onto Dad when we stood. The Mass was in Lithuanian, but we could follow along. So, we left the church and had a snack outside by the town hall. The town hall, the church, and the smaller grocery store are almost next to each other. Then a walk back to our apartment. Veronica made a lunch of sausages, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, and with milk and juice on the side.
After that, we headed back out to the park. We got some more good pictures with Saulius, and he even spent more time in the "sandbox" than any other time. It's not really sand, since it's more like dirt, which at some point last night had several mushrooms added to it. So, then it was a good time to come in when Saulius announced " toilettes." So, we took care of business, and then played some games on the laptop after looking (again) at more pictures.
Which brings us up to now, and Saulius is napping soundly. Today Veronica and I helped him get started with the nap then left him to finish.
We think that tomorrow we might go to the Acropolis which has a huge park/playground. There is also a huge Mall there, so we might go shopping there too. I'm also voting for pizza one night, all this sausage, potatoes, and vegetables is not helping my Motorman image!


  1. Thanks for all the great updates! And the pictures have been fabulous too. He is just too cute. It's obvious you and John are/will be amazing parents.

  2. Still following here. Just had Detta on the phone who was in a slight tither that she couldn't find your blog today, her link to it had somehow "disappeared"... turns out she had apparently been trying to open it with her e-mail client Outlook Express? Anyway she's squared away.

    So in these first few days we're getting the idea that communication is not as big a roadblock as we had thought it might be. So far has Saulius taught you two more Lithuanian, or have you taught him more English?

    We understand you have TV there? Are there any English channels? Or do you have to watch dubbed over Jerris Seinfeld episodes?

    Sausages and hotdogs... are they better or worse than what we have over here? John wants Lithuanian Pizza, which I'm sure he'll find at some point, and we want to know how that compares!

  3. John and Veronica....

    Your little boy is just a cute as can be. Just got home from beach today so have been catching up on your adventure.

    What a nice way to let us share your wonderful story. We'll be making daily trips to your blog for the latest update.

    Take care - Bev and Chip