Thursday, June 23, 2011

We finally meet our little Saulius!

We were picked up on time and driven to the orphanage. It's about an hour outside of Vilnius. We met with the assistant director for 45 minutes And got lots Of questions answered, then it was time to meet the star attraction. He bounced into the room and ran right over to us. He went for John first snd inspected his moustache. Then he came over to me for some hugs. He called us mamante and dede right away. He showed us the little album we had sent him and "read" all the captions to us. The staff said he looked at the book every day and would kiss the pictures. They encouraged us to not bring him back for a goodbye party as they have had 10 other kids adopted this year and the parties are too hard for the ones that have to stay behind. The orphanage gave us a big bag of clothes, including some brand new underwear. He does fit everything we've tried on so far. We have had 3 outfits on since he doesn't tell us when he needs to pee. After the second accident we put him in pull-ups which turned out to be a good thing!
He loved the car ride back to our apartment and was pretty good at the big grocery store but John had a time chasing after him. We had lunch at the apartment then went to the little playground in our courtyard.
Breaking news - Right now he took himself to the bathroom and John reports that he is "pooping up a storm". We got a little kiddie potty that plays music when it is used and it's playing a little tune right now.
We tried to have some quiet time around his usual nap time but he was not interested. For dinner we went to Hesburger which is a knock off of McDonald's. He was well behaved and we will try something more upscale another day. We had a nice walk around Old Town after dinner with another stop at the playground. Bath time went well. He loves water and didn't want to get out. Then more play time with dad - he loves the little beach ball we brought. We were able to face time with my dad and Ted, then John's mom and aunt Gloria. Saulius blew kisses, kissed the iPad screen and showed them the little album so he could point out their pictures to them. Hopefully we'll catch Mom tomorrow.
My cousins have been in touch. Mantas graciously offered to have us join his family at their beach vacation this weekend but we feel that might be too much/too busy considering that we only met our little boy today. We are going to spend next weekend with them in kaunus which will be wonderful since they have 2 little ones and they both speak english. Just when we thought we were going to have to pull out the travel book, my cousin Stasys emailed and offered his services as tour guide this weekend. We need to nail down the details.


  1. Sounds like you will be very busy. Saulius is probably a "littel excited" and will settle down with time. Glad to hear he likes a variety of food. Sorry that your mother missed the time when you skyped. Bet she will be anxious to see and talk to all of you !! We love these updates but please try and get some sleep.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. While all of this is very exciting I agree with Pauline that it is very important to get your rest. Sound like Saulius has been anxiously awaiting your arrival. I'm glad things are going so well! - Sandy

  3. I am worried... about Grandpa Ted's Ice Cream stash! Beside that we're happy for you!

  4. BTW - I just got Detta set to follow your blog... and she's reading away! It was a mildly torcherous process, but it should work for her. Unfortunately don't expect any comments from her as that whole "commenting" and "commenting as" process is slightly beyond her understanding and level of tolerance for how this all works. Also posting a comment here sometime requires wacking the submit button up to 3 times, and entering semi-illegible validating text in order to get the comment to post.

  5. Sounds like a great little boy. Can't wait to meet him. Give him a big hug from us.