Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clothes shopping!

Only 5 more days until we fly off and way too much to do. John got our letters for our FMLA leave from our jobs and we need to get them delivered. I left 5 bags of clothes, some paperbacks, old cassette tapes and window treatments at the thrift store. Of course, I can never leave that place empty handed so picked up some pool toys and clothes for the little man. I also found a great children's consignment store and was able to even find a little seersucker blazer with dress shirt and pants for our court date. Little John is going to have nicer clothes than his parents! I got a variety of sizes and whatever doesn't fit, we'll donate to his orphanage. I also got a variety of OTC medications for his age group - don't want to have to translate dosing instructions! Our cousins, David, Pauline and Detta arrived from Maine and Rhode Island. They brought the neatest toy bulldozer and dump truck with lights and sound. Now my Dad can teeach his grandson about the finer points of civil engineering with realistic props. Pauline also made a beautiful polar fleece blanket in a John Deere pattern. She is also working on a quilt. It's wonderful to have such talented and generous family. In addition, they are driving me tomorrow to 3 counties to get notary certifications and apostilles on the letters from the pediatrician, pediatric dentist, child development specialists and elementary school principle. These letters wilL be used to support our request to waive the 40-day waiting period. Gotta toddle off to sleep - another busy day tomorrow!

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