Friday, March 2, 2012

Cleared for take off!

John has been doing great. He is full of energy and as inquisitive as ever. We have been trying to keep him at home, away from crowds to avoid catching a cold, but otherwise we have had a very normal schedule. John has been lucky enough to have an excellent homeschooling teacher come three days a week. He just loves her and has been keeping up well with school. We have had dinner with all his grandparents, Uncle Ted and Aunt Gloria several times. The homeroom mom from his Kindergarten class organized several families to bring us dinners and come over for short playdates/visits. He just loved getting to see his classmates and played beautifully with all of them.
Today we had our follow up cardiology appointment. He had an EKG and echocardiogram, as well as being examined by his cardiologist. He has been cleared to go back to school full time starting Monday. We got all the school paperwork done and delivered too, so I'll be taking him to school on Monday. Hopefully we'll get him back on the school bus for Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. I think the worst part will be getting me back to work - I've liked being a stay-at-home mom!
The next challenges will be getting him back on an earlier bed time and wake up schedule. We need to review what a regular school day will be like. Hopefully he will be perky enough to go back to Lithuanian Saturday School next weekend. We also need to plan his sixth birthday for later this month. He has been talking about a pirate themed party for months, but recently mentioned wanting a Star Wars party. I think we'll go with the pirate theme since Mom has already designed a treasure chest cake and wants an excuse to make it.

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