Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday's Q & A

Ok, thought I'd do some Q & A while Veronica and Saulius watch "Open Season" before our night out.

Saulius' Lithuanian is helping us to learn. His English is not that good yet, Veronica had him saying " very good boy " and some Lithuanian is quite similar to English anyway. When he "thinks" he is full, he says ne more. Which is actually no more - ne is no in Lithuanian.

We have satellite tv here. The channels are more Lithuanian ( with and without being dubbed over ), than any others. However, we do have some English channels, and some German channels, some Russian channels. I keep waiting to see some of those Russian WW2 movies.

The hot dogs/sausages are better tasting here, but smaller. Hey, even the TP is about the size of half a roll.

McD's had a McRoyal? Which was a double. The store food display was much smaller, so I can't tell you how much else was missing. I didn't see anything about pies, salads, and they only told us about the larger sizes.

Note to Mom R, Claudia, and Ted. Ok, Ted - Saulius has you memorized. He will be all over you like moss on a tree when we get home. Claudia, he says Dede (Uncle) Jim when ever we see the pictures we sent him. The picture is of me, Jim, you, Mom R, and Veronica. The thing is there is no "J" in Lithuanian. We were not sure what Saulius would call Jim, but he seems to have no problem with pronouncing the letter j. Mom R, Gloria he has been good with names, trouble rolling the ry with the Lynn sound. He's now got all the ladies mixed up, so we'll have to be patient.

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