Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday - walk, shopping, lunch

Today we had breakfast then headed out to get the 4 passport photos we need for Saulius. Our lawyer had suggested two places within walking distance of our apartment. The first photo place we looked for was no where to be found. So we headed over to the second one. It was on Gedimanis street which is on the other side of the cathedral from our place. We had not ventured over there yet so it was nice to see some different stuff. It's more of a business area than the tourist area we are in. After we got the photos we found an indoor mall with A/C! It looked brand new but had many empty storefronts. We had lunch there on the open air patio. We got there right at the height of the lunch rush so the service was horribly slow. The food was worth the wait however. John had chicken soup then stuffed chicken with roasted veggies, I had cold beet soup (almost as good as Mom's) with hot, roasted potatoes then blini stuffed with cheese and spinach. We had ordered pasta with veggies for saulius but since the service was so slow he had eaten most of the snacks that we had packed for him and didn't want any - so we bravely finished it off. During our walk we found several kids books, including Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, as well as a couple of kids CD's in Lithuanian. We also saw Lithuanian secret service agents outside a hotel - could they be with Hillary Clinton who is supposed to be here? We also heard, but never saw, what sounded like a motorcade. Our last stop was a playground that is much smaller but much nicer than the one in our courtyard and Saulius just loved it. However like the other playground the surface is very fine dirt, so he got a bath early.
We decided to try going without a nap today since bed time last night was so much easier without one.
Tonight we are going to eat at home, probably something simple since we are stuffed.

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