Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Night

So, Veronica and Saulius are watching t.v. Some other things we have found out:

Saulius likes Tom and Jerry. But, it's Tom and Jerris

He's very good now about the bathroom. He loves the playground. Most of the children there are ok, a couple of the older ones will be on John Walsh's show later.

He loves music, and dances to just about everything. Veronica was almost in tears when she turned around to see him snapping his fingers, tapping his left foot and wiggling those hips to the street music. Yes, we now have it on video.

He loves bath time, I think he does better without the shower head turned on. Then is like watching a goldfish feeding frenzy.

He still says "labas diena" to lots of people. Funny thing today was that he seemed to know what "church" was. He was quiet, and he even knelt down as we came in. He said hello to one of the sisters of the church, and she gave him a pat, smile, and returned his greeting.

We know that the next couple of days will be fun, but our real work starts Tuesday. Veronica will be posting more pictures later.


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  1. Great detailed updates! I'm getting the feeling that Saulius is going to come home, get in the pool and not come until October. Seems like a perfect match!