Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First night as a family!

When we got back from court our apartment was being cleaned. New soap, new linens! I could get used to this! After recovering from court, we took a walk around town. John found a great book - My First 1000 Words in English and Lithuanian. It's a children's picture book/dictionary that I had heard of in the adoption blogs/websites but had not been able to find it at home. We had a nice dinner out to celebrate. The little guy had a sausage with cucumbers, tomato and fries and topped it off with a vanilla milkshake. Mom had roasted kuldunia with mushroom sauce and water. Dad had - big surprise here - pizza and beer! Saulius was getting tired, but as he did not get a nap, we were not surprised. Tonight we only had to read one of his family picture albums one time and he was out! We are enjoying James Bond 007 in Dr. No on our little DVD player with a nice German beer.

When we got home we met up with one of the parents from the courtyard playground. He spoke to us our first day out with Saulius, we had run into him again outside of church, and this morning while walking back from the grocery. Russ is Lithuanian, works for the Swedish embassy, is married to a Swedish lady who works for the Danish embassy and is currently on paternity leave with his 20 month old Ludwig (who is almost as big as Saulius). This is such a wonderfully cosmopolitan city with people from everywhere! This time his wife was with him, and we chatted even more. They both speak perfect English. They are very nice, and we exchanged emails. Hopefully we'll get to socialize with them some more. Russ told me at our first meeting that it was a wonderful thing we were doing to adopt, and at our second he said that the current Swedish ambassador to Lithuania was herself adopted.

Tomorrow we have to get 4 passport photos of Saulius for his passport, visa and medical exam. We are also going to get some shopping done. Every day after that for the next 6 weekdays we have some sort of appointment or paper pushing to do. We are going to see some cousins (like 12 of them!) for dinner on friday night at La Boheme which Stasys was kind enough to organize. I am going to treat them to dinner since many are elderly and retired. We might to see mantas' family again over the weekend and hopefully will be spending our last weekend in Lithuania at the beach with his family.

Mom and Saulius in front of Vilnius University founded in 1600 something.

My first dinner as John Theodore Saulius Reardon!

Yummy - real pizza!


  1. Love the milkshake photo! Buy another copy of the 1000 words if you see it - then the rest of us can learn too. Or copy yours when you get home (you'll have so much free time..). Love our international connection as I sit here with my adopted son in Dar es Salaam Tanzania writing to you and yours in Vilnius Lithuania. Before too long we will all be in the same time zone again. (Maybe we are now, I did not look it up. Yet. :)

  2. Ooh - I did not know I was showing up as Pacific Pirate! That was my high school sports mascot in California. It's Libby, in case you hadn't figured that out yet.