Saturday, June 25, 2011


We lost our internet last night after skype-ing with my Mom. She did a great job with the Lithuanian baby-talk, so at least someone will be able to communicate in more complete thou ghts than "you like?" and "no". Yesterday was a wonderful day. We had a breakfast of fried egg, yogurt, rye bread - and Saulius eats everything put in front of him. My cousin Stasys picked us up and took us to Trakia - its outside of Vilnius and the second capital of lithuania back in the 1400's. The castle is rebuilt and a very neat museum. We just ran through it since going up and down the stairs was more interesting than the exhibits. We had a lovely lunch at a lake-side restaurant. Stasys then drove us to Karnave - the first capital in the 1300's - unfortunately it was pouring by then, but we got a couple of pix. Stasys was willing to take us more places, but we were all exhausted and as it is a holiday weekend here, he should get to spend some time with his wife and son too. He is going to arrange a gathering of his parents and uncle for one night this week. After all that sight-seeing we were exhausted (maybe the excitement of the day before caught up with us too?) so we all crashed. Dinner was more hit dogs, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers - we've got to get to the store! We all crashed early and slept great. Today was a quiet day at home - simple breakfast again, playing in the courtyard playground, walking around old town and visiting 3 churches within 3 blocks of each other. We had lunch out - 3 different things all made with potato starch! Cephanlini (potato starch with a meatball in the middle), potato sausage, and potato pancakes. The Lithuanians have the Irish beat when it comes to ways to disguise a potato. Another afternoon nap during which John and I took turns going to the store. I got groceries and splurged on a real coke. John got 2 kinds of beer - duh. There was a rehearsal for a musical performance in the town square today so we'll head over soon to watch the real thing. Dinner was hot dogs, tomato, cucumber, and veggie medley. The plans for tomorrow include the children's mass at the Jesuit church and more playground time. We do want to hit one of the big malls but will do that during the week. Thanks for all the good wishes!

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