Thursday, June 30, 2011


We cant believe that it's Friday already. Today, Saulius has the first of three doctor appointments. Today is the required TB test, which will be checked on Monday. He also gets a physical next week. Hopefully, the Law Center can get the Birth Certificate today, and start on the passport.
All of these things take time, and any red tape could push us back by a day or more. After our doctors visit this am, we may eat lunch out. It really depends upon how Saulius does with his shot. He did quite well sleeping last night, but took some time finally crashing. It might rain today, so we might go to another large shopping mall today to stretch our legs.
Ok, got back from our day out. The clinic that Saulius went to was very good and very clean. He went in to get his shot and blood drawn by himself. More on that later, but when he screamed, Dad wasn't too happy. After they did their work, he came out all smiles and talking. As we were leaving, two Lithuanian Horse Mounted Police went by. We left the clinic and went to another mall. This place was huge! The best was the food court, and the kids playground. The playground was 10 litres. That's about 4 dollars. It was like all those other indoor climbing areas with slides, plastic ball pool areas. He spent a lot of time there and (yeah) was completely worn out when we left. We took lots of pictures. We even have a picture of Saulius using a backhoe just for Grandpa Ted. Veronica just reminded me...when we got to the mall Mom and Dad decided to reward him for being so good at the doctors. So, we had ice cream as soon as we hit the mall. We were sitting on a bench looking at this display about going to the beach. "hey, great picture having ice cream at the beach" well, that worked for a bit, THEN....


No sitting on the display floors. Oh well, back to the bench. We caught a taxi back to our apartment and unpacked from food shopping. We are all relaxing now, and will soon be out to dinner with Veronica's cousins. More later...

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