Monday, June 27, 2011

Acropolis and first McDonald's Trip

After a breakfast of yogurt, fried egg, bread, cheese and juice, we took a taxi to the Acropolis. Saulius loved the car ride and kissed the driver goodbye. The acropolis is a huge mall with an ice skating rink, Maxima (fancy wal-mart), home depot type store, lots of restaurants and high end retail. There is supposed to be a playground but we never found it - guess we'll just have to make another trip. We walked around a bit, found and successfully used the WC, bought Saulius his own sunglasses at the Maxima (since he keeps taking ours), went up and down the escalator, elevator and this neat moving ramp that could even take grocery carts, but the highlight of the trip for both boys was lunch at McDonald's. I don't think Saulius had been there before and he got his first Happy Meal. They also gave him a balloon which popped in the WC. It was great to get a diet coke that was bigger than 0.25 liters.

They have little kiddie rides, like the old-fashioned ones in front of grocery stores (dating myself!), scattered around the mall. When we found the police one we put him in it. He was not ready for it to move, make noise, flash lights, but after a little scare just loved it and didn't want to leave.

During lunch my cousin Mantas called. He is bringing his wife and children over from Kaunas this evening. We will be going out to dinner. He wanted to make sure it was ok to bring Saulius a present. We were able to pick up little gifts for his kids at the Maxima.

Our last stop at the mall was the Maxima for grocery products. I so wish I could shop there all the time. The fish counter is amazing, the bakery department is to die for, and the variety of european delicacies (cheeses, pate, sweets, even liquor/beer/wine) is beautiful. However we are trying to keep our diet simple for Saulius so I had to pass on some very tempting things. My waist line is probably grateful!

The taxi service is great. We have a number to call, they speak english, tell you when they will be there and what the cab looks like, are very prompt and call back if they can't find you! The cost is reasonable too. The acropolis is on the other side of town, about a 15-20 minute drive and only cost about 16 litas (there are about 2.5 litas to the dollar). Considering the lack of signage and parking, cost of gas, and aggressive driving, getting a rental car here isn't worth it.

It's now nap time in prep for the big dinner out. John was just going to lay down until Saulius dropped off but I think John was asleep first.

My first Happy Meal! Mom has put the toy aside for me since didn't know there was one in there.

We bought Saulius a little Lithuanian flag which he spent quite a while waving at everyone.

Part of the fish counter - yes, those are squid and octopus!

An ice cream stand - one of several in the mall - they display it all so beautifully. We didn't have any - yet!

Moving ramp that can take grocery carts/strollers - really neat!


  1. So Saulius had his first Happy meal. He certainly looked like he enjoyed it. What strange items did this McDs have that we don't have. Our thoughts and prayers are with the three of you. Enjoy your time and dinner with Mantas. Let him know that we think of him often and wish him well.
    We love seeing the pics and reading the blog

  2. It's wonderful that you are sharing these moments with us. The three of you look so happy. What a blessing!