Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What we will miss and what we miss now

We will miss all the following when we get home:
excellent Internet connection
Excellent beer
Relatively inexpensive but excellent restaurants
Safe streets and relatively quiet for being in downtown, urban area
Staying light out until very late (10 pm at least)
Lots of restaurants within three blocks
Being able to walk everywhere
Beautiful, new shopping malls
Amazing ice cream
Awesome bread
Getting to eat traditional Lithuanian foods everyday (some us are genetically disposed to have sour cream every day!)
Good/inexpensive taxi service
Lots of ATM's
Housekeeping services once a week
Inexpensive museums full of really old stuff
Churches on every street corner which are beautiful, architectural marvels
Seeing our relatives
But the best - getting to spend time with our son without worrying about everyday chores and work.

What we miss right now:
Air conditioning
Having a real shower - we have to sit in the tub and hold the shower head
A refrigerator larger than an efficiency apartment sized one
Sink bigger than a bar sink
Clothes washer than can hold more than two pairs of jeans
A dryer
Potable tap water
Our recliners (gosh we are old!)
Fitted sheets
Bed bigger than a double
Dish washer
Free water at restaurants
Light switches placed above toddler height
More electrical outlets and securely mounted in the wall
Screens on the windows (but there aren't too many bugs!)
A regular height table with chairs to eat at, instead of the coffee table and sofa

Re-reading this makes us realize how lucky we are for this experience and how spoiled we are at home (and how much energy we waste).

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