Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday sightseeing

After the usual morning of breakfast, baths for mom and dad, and a general pick up around the apartment, we headed out for some sightseeing. We immediately found the sash store and ordered one for Saulius with his name and birthday. He picked out the color - red. The lady that makes the sashes was wonderful and I think she's the same one I bought from back in 1993. Her english was at about the same level as my lithuanian but we got the ideas across. Of course, Saulius charmed her completely. I'm going to try to get a picture of her shop and her when we pick up the sash. We next toured Vilnius university. It was founded back in the late 1500's and has a beautiful campus with 13 courtyards, none of which looked anything like the quad at Villanova. We got Saulius a t-shirt from there. We next had lunch at a beer restaurant - every item on the menu had suggestions on which beer would go best with it, even the deserts. We split the beer sampler and all were very good. More good cold beet soup with hot potatoes and koldunai for me. John had baked chicken, and we confirmed that our little guy does not like pancakes! He will not eat them. Lunch was yummy, but the best part was the A/C! Felt great to really get cooled off. Next we walked to the cathedral and finally went inside. It has so many painting hung on the walls it almost seems more like an art gallery. Next was the national museum. It's very well done, and not too big. Two of the docents chatted with Saulius and the one that spoke english was especially nice. She again thanked us for adopting him. I keep having to tell folks that we are the lucky ones. The adoption comes up because Saulius talks to everyone - he walks down the street waving and saying laba diena to anyone that he makes eye contact with (mostly the ladies!). And people can't figure out why he speaks perfect Lithuanian and we don't. We got caught in a nice rain on the way home. Just a little damp. By then it was 3:30 so we had quiet time at home. John napped, Saulius and I played with cars and watched tv. Saulius fell asleep right before dinner was ready, but woke up to eat. He really likes sausages and potatoes! Dad and son are now watching Cars. The rain improved the weather greatly. It was rather humid and hot in the morning, but now is cool and lovely. We might take a short walk before bedtime since it stays so light out so late.

Small courtyard at the university next to st. Johns church

The observatory courtyard

Entrance to Vilnius university

This is the university "bookstore" where we got the t shirt. It is only the enclosed staircase and 1 window wide. The guys at the Notre Dame bookstore have nothing to worry about.

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  1. We have really enjoyed your daily reports. It sounds like things are going well for the Reardon clan. Did John tell the mall police who he was??
    The pictures have been eye opening for sure. Keep up the great blog
    Hugs to all of you