Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home again!

We were picked up by Elona from the Family Law Center and took our last taxi ride.  She has been such a great help, we will miss her.  Our plane to Frankfort was 30 minutes late leaving Vilnius.  Of course, we only found that out after getting to the airport.  The Vilnius airport is very small and security was very short.  Saulius found the kiddie play area and loved the slide and balls.  They have a neat activity book available there and we picked one up.  He offered crackers to people at the gate, chatted up a nice lady and ran up to a guy with a tie since any man that wears a tie must be important.  Saulius was great on plane, acted like a real seasoned traveler.  The Lufthansa crew handed him a coloring book, coloring pencils w/ sharpener as soon as we got onboard, but he never used them.  He put his seat belt on, ate his snack, and enjoyed the juice.  It's only about a two hour flight to Frankfort and we only had an hour layover.  The plane de-planed next to the terminal and we had to use a bus to get to the terminal - it was about a 10 minute bus ride as the airport is huge.  We ran through Frankfort and made our plane - we had to run down about 4 flights of stairs, run through a tunnel, then take the elevator up 4 flights.  We then had to pass through another immigration check point as we were leaving the EU.  Fortunately the immigration check was right next to our gate.  At the gate we had to show our passports again and pull out the inch thick envelope of immigration documents for Saulius.  Only after that were we able to get our seat assignment changed.  When we booked his ticket, he was sitting 5 rows away from us and we could not change our seats until we were at the gate.  We ended up with 3 seats in the same row, but not together.  There was an older lady sandwiched between us, but she was kind enough to move over one so we could be together.  She was probably relived to have a buffer from our "Chatty Charlie".  John got stuck with the center seat, I got the aisle and we put Saulius between us.  He loved the headphones, in-flight movie, blanket and nibbled at his dinner.  As we did not get a bathroom break in Frankfort, he wanted to use the bathroom on the plane.  He thought it was really neat - so we had 3 trips in less than 1.5 hours.  John had picked up a portable DVD player before we had gone over.  It has 3 headphone jacks so we could all watch the Wizard of Oz for the 25th time in one week as well as the Sesame Street DVD's.  It was a lifesaver!  He finally fell asleep and got about a 4 hour nap - we didn't.  Landed at Dulles pretty much on time and there was no line for immigration.   Immigration was a breeze - the officer took a very quick glance at our envelope, opened it, and told us he would save us an hour - we were free to head on out.  All our bags arrived, and none smelled like booze (we had two bottles from the relatives packed in there).  Customs was a joke - just handed them our little card, I don't think they even looked at it, and moved on.  They weren't checking anyone!   Ted was waiting for us right outside customs, and had beverages in car for us.  Saulius recognized Dede Tedus and they shook hands then hugged.  He fit perfect in new car seat and climbed right in.  There was no real traffic getting home as it was already 9 pm.  We rolled in around 10 pm.  We showed Saulius around the house, pointed out his room, his toys, his bathroom and our room.  He met the cats briefly when we fed them and all behaved well.  He kept looking and asking for all the rest of the family - I think he was expecting them to all be at HIS house.  Then it was bath time and beddy bye.  He crashed with us and we all slept well as it was about 6 am Lithuanian time.  I hope the jet lag isn't too bad! Tomorrow we meet the rest of the family and finish exploring HIS new home.

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