Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last full day in Lithuania

The day started off cool and damp. Had our final egg breakfast with yogurt, apple, juice (and pastries for mom and dad). Tomorrow's will be the last of the oatmeal. Saulius still loves the headphones and it will help to keep him busy while we pack tonight.

We walked down to the Church Relic Museum housed in St. Michael the Archangel Church (patron saint of police officers). It was opened in 2009 and the best museum so far. Well displayed, informative and modern, it houses the treasury of the Vilnius Cathedral. The church artifacts were stunning and since you can't take pictures we bought the little guide book. Across the street was St. Anne's Church which was lovely - all brick and very unique. Next to that is St. Francis & St. Bernardino's which was undergoing major restoration but still open.

The morning misting turned into a light drizzle so we headed home for the final meal of hot dogs, potatoes, fresh peas, cucumbers and carrots. We have used up everything in the frig except for a little breakfast stuff for tomorrow. Dinner will be somewhere out tonight to celebrate!

John stretched out for a little nap. Saulius is expecting us to carry him everywhere and John does most of the carrying. I do a little, but I was never known for my upper body strength unlike tough motormen. Saulius is watching then ignoring then watching BabyTV while he packs his treasures into plastic bags. He decided to join dad for a nap (ok - there was a little encouragement to lay down). Mom gets some quiet time and will enjoy it completely as there will be none of that tomorrow or probably for the next week or two as he gets used to another new environment.

Ramune called to say goodbye and wish us a good trip. I do hope they can come to the USA. We would love to repay the hospitality they have shown us and show them all the sights of Washington.

Mantas had called yesterday. He even apologized for not coming to see us off at the airport. We would never expect them to drive an hour just to wave goodbye - especially after the lovely weekend they arranged and all the time they spent with us.

Stasys emailed his goodbye and we really hope that the next time we see them we are all in the USA. We would love to get the opportunity to play host to them all.

Elona called from the family law center to confirm our trip to the airport tomorrow. She has been very helpful and so friendly.

We have been so lucky to have family here. I can't imagine how bored we would have gotten with each other. Having other adults to talk to and children for Saulius to play with made all the difference. I realized the other day that John and I had never spent three solid weeks together. Our longest trip, with just the two of us, was the 7-day cruise last year. Our work schedules usually require us to be "ships in the night" at least once a week. I guess this trip proves we really like each other's company!

After the boys woke up we did the packing. There are still a few last minute items to toss in after our morning showers. We have much more room since Saulius gets his own bag and we did use up some things!

To treat ourselves to our last dinner in Vilinus, we walked around the corner to try a new restaurant. It was very upscale and expensive - they didn't have a kiddie menu. The food was exquisite! We both had the beef stroganoff with green beans and roasted whole tomatoes. We got an appetizer portion of chicken with mushrooms in a very rich sauce for Saulius. He ate some of it, but preferred the bread and beans. By expensive we mean the bill was 150 lita or about $60. For that quality of cooking at home we would have easily had to pay $150.

During our post dinner walk John challenged Saulius to a farting contest. Fortunately he doesn't understand that much english yet so John was the clear winner (and only participant). We did get a scare during our walk. John got hit by a taxi that was backing up. No harm done, more of a shock than anything.

We headed down to the Soprano ice cream parlor again and sampled more of their amazing confections. A good walk home probably didn't even burn up the whipped cream.

Saulius got his bath and is now watching a Sesame Street video. Last night he fell asleep watching one, so hopefully the same will happen tonight. Hopefully we will all sleep tonight and not be too excited about the trip. We hope to get up a little early, have a quick breakfast and finish packing. We found a cute bakery/lunch place around the corner tonight and might go there for a very early lunch since the Vilnius airport is rather basic. Hope to see everyone soon!

Outside the church relic museum.

St. Anne's church.

Nap time!

There's a concert at the town hall tonight - Lithuanian hip hop/reggae. Maybe this belongs to one of the performers? We will be skipping the concert.

Picture John took when hit by the taxi - looks like modern art.

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