Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One last roll!

All of us slept great! The sea air yesterday really knocked us out. After our usual breakfast of fried eggs, we headed out for an adventure. There's a boat that does a one hour ride up and down the Neris River in the heart of Vilnius. On our way down to check it out we tried to see if the sash we had ordered to be made was ready, but the shop was still closed. We did stop at the Soprano ice cream shop and had some amazing ice cream sundaes - at 11 am, just so decadent. It's a good thing we didn't stop there any earlier in our trip or it could have become a daily habit. The boat only runs once a day at 5 pm, so we headed home via the tourist shopping strip and got some t-shirts for Saulius. Then we went to the Rimi grocery store for some breakfast foods for tomorrow and Wednesday. When we were leaving there, we saw that they were setting up something at the city hall. After lunch (hot dogs, green beans and potatoes - again!) we just rested at home as it was quite warm out and Saulius wants us to carry him everywhere. He has plenty of energy in the apartment and wants to play chase but once we get outside he wants to be carried.

Around 4 pm we headed back out, there was a very light drizzle, and the sash lady was in. His sash is just beautiful and he chatted up the lady that made it. She was very sweet to Saulius and he gave her kiss.

We headed to the boat and it took off promptly at 5 pm. The weather cleared up just in time and became gorgeous The river current is quite strong and during one of the u-turns the boat actually hit the river bank. The views were wonderful and it was a really nice time. Saulius likes any type of moving vehicle.

On our walk home we went to the town hall square where we noticed earlier they had been setting up for some event. Turns out the Lithuanian national basketball team was there. We got to join the crowd and celebrate their world title. It was not a huge crowd but very vocal and extremely well-behaved. It was lots of families and kids and felt very safe. We got some decent pictures of some of the players. There was a hot air balloon too that was neat. We met two police officers and Saulius gave them USPP challenge coins.

Dinner was our last meal of koldunai. God how I'm going to miss being able to buy really good frozen ones at the grocery store!

We are going to start rounding up all our treasures to take home, then just relax since tomorrow we have St. Anne's church and the church heritage museum, and maybe then TV tower where there is a memorial to the people who died during the separation from the USSR.

We tried out headphones on Saulius for the DVD player and he loves them! It will be great for the plane, maybe we won't have to listen to the Sesame Street DVDs over and over and over and over...... "put down the ducky, put down the ducky, put down the ducky, put down the ducky if you want to play the saxaphone......."

And as for the headline of this blog - it refers to our last roll of toilet paper which we just started today!


I love my sash!

Public art hanging off the bridges

Saulius flirting with the lady officer

The world championship celebration

EMS on scene for the big crowd......

And bored EMT's!

One of the players with fans

The MVP of the game

Leave me alone, I'm watching the Wizard of Oz and the best part is about to start.....

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  1. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun!! Saulius seems to be quite the ladies' man. We have really enjoyed the blog and pics. I wonder how Saulius will let the plane ride. Have a safe trip home and enjoy the experience