Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First day at home

We all woke at 6 pm and Saulius was ready to roll. We had breakfast, he wolfed down two eggs, then we opened all the new toys in his room. He especially loves the Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the CAT construction trucks from the Gudas'. Besides playing with toys, we managed to unloaded the car, unpack, and do all the laundry. It was wonderful to get to use a regular sized washer and actually have a dryer! We even washed clothes than we brought home clean just to get them softer.
We all took a walk around the yard, and met the neighbors horses. After our lunch of basic cold cut sandwiches, the family started to stop by. Mom, Dad, Kathy w/ Kayla the dog, Aunt Gloria, and Ted all stopped by. They each showed up separately so Saulius could have a few minutes with each one of them alone. Between visits, Saulius spent the day inspecting the house, playing with toys and visiting the kitties. Red and Tux are being very patient. They are sequestered in our old room, and we have short, supervised visits. After a couple of days, if everyone behaves, they will be released back to run everywhere. The day flew by and we had dinner at the farm and then visited with the family. When we got home and he had his bath, he decided it was time for bed and marched off to his own room and hopped up on his bed. He fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. We also crashed by 9:30. The pool is ready (many thanks to Harry for keeping it maintained while we were gone) but we'll hit it tomorrow after running some chores. John's mom is coming home from visiting John's brother and sister-in-law in Wisconsin tomorrow. Looking forward to more fun tomorrow as we will be celebrating John's birthday.

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  1. Veronica and John,
    We have been following your posts and are so happy for all of you. Saulius is beautiful and you are a beautiful family. I know you are all happy to be home and beginning to settle in. Congratulations!
    Karen, Brendan, the girls and Brian