Thursday, July 21, 2011

First week home!

I can't believe we've been home for a week already. We've gotten alot done. We are now calling Saulius his American, legal name of John. Sometimes he answers to it, sometimes he doesn't and often we "slip" and call him Saulius/Sauleke/Saulo. His English is coming along and sometimes he spontaneously speaks English without any prompting.

John has met his Nana Reardon and just loves her. She was in Wisconsin visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Claudia until last friday. She came back with a nasty cold and stayed with my parents for the weekend to recuperate. She and John got to play everyday. He was very excited to meet her. John loved the ice cream cake that Nana Reardon brought for big John's birthday. Our little guy was very disappointed that Daddy got all the presents that evening, but he recovered quickly. Most of the presents that Daddy got were really for John - school posters with colors, shapes, etc.....

We went to Sam's Club for some basics and stopped at the pool store to get the water tested. John loved riding in the shopping cart and was charming to the pool store folks. We were bad parents and had "lunch" at Jimmie Cone. Of course, that was a big hit.

We have spent several afternoons in the pool - both ours and at the farm. He loves water and gets braver every time. We have little life vests for him and he's very good about wearing them. My dad was thrilled to finally see his grandchild in the baby pool that he built 20 years ago.

Aunt Rita came by over the weekend and John just loved being able to chat away with her. She gave him a lovely police car which he enjoys immensely.

John went to Wal-Mart with mom and grandmom, he loves riding in the shopping cart. We also stopped at the children's consignment shop in Mt. Airy. He behaved well and the ladies were very kind to him. I had shopped there before we left for Lithuania, so they were thrilled to meet him. I found two items for John that Daddy approved of heartily - a little Harley-Davidson denim jacket and denim shirt. John's gonna be the coolest kid!

We started the rounds of doctors, school and adoption post-placement stuff. We were able to see the pediatrician, and John behaved very nicely. He did get his McDonald's ice cream cone afterwards as promised. Mom came with us to provide translating services, so she earned her mocha frappe.

After two days of telephone tag/pass the buck/runaround by the school system, we got directed to the international students office and met with them. Really just more paperwork!

Mary Beth and Mary Lynn came to visit during the week and John just loves company. He gives everyone a tour of HIS house, HIS room, HIS toys and points out all of HIS family in photos.

This weekend we will be hosting Kim and her family for a visit and time in the pool. We also have another trip to the pediatrician and the lab for blood work. Guess we'll be having another trip to McDonald's for ice cream afterwards?

Hopefully we will be able to Skype with Mantas' family this weekend. John talks about his cousins in Lithuania every day.

We have our first dental appointment, first visit by adoption social worker and first eye doctor appointment set up for next week. There will continue to be lots of "firsts" for quite awhile.

Donuts are wonderful for breakfast!

I'm just not a morning person! Please pass the tea.

Yummy! Jimmie Cone makes a good lunch.

Daddy's birthday dinner!

Grandma Veronica reads Lithuanian fairy tales.

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