Friday, July 8, 2011

Last Friday!

Got a late start, as we all slept well. Caught a taxi to the Acropolis mall, walked around, did some souvenir shopping, had pizza at Can-Can Pizza for lunch, and picked up a few things for the beach trip. Cousin Ramune called while we were waiting for our return taxi. She is thrilled we will be at the seashore, since she lives outside of one of the beach towns, and their coastline is only 90 km long. Tomorrow she will call again and coordinate with Mantas on where to meet us. Had a very nice taxi driver for our return trip who has been driving for 34 years and was very aggressive but confident. He took us home a slightly different route which was nice. We met with Elona at our apartment and reviewed the papers for immigration. We also were given all the original court documents. As it was a beautiful, sunny, not humid day, we walked to Gedimanis tower. We walked all the way up the hill and to the top of the tower. It's a tough walk as it is quite steep and all cobble stones. John carried Saulius almost the entire way up. Of course, as soon as we got to the top of the hill at base of the tower there is a funicular which is like an elevator that travels along the hill. It's very different from the first time I visited in 1993. There are exhibits on each floor, better stairs with handrails and better rails around the top. At the top of the tower we met a nice guy from Toronto who was thrilled we spoke english. Then an older guy from Salt Lake City, who was visiting relatives joined the conversation. Of course, once again, the question of why our little guy speaks fluent Llithuanian and we don't came up. We rode the funicular down which Saulius enjoyed and saved our ankles. We carried Saulius for most of the day, he just didn't want to walk much, but had plenty of energy while at home. More kuldonai and veggies for dinner and Harry Potter and Sesame Street videos for entertainment. We will pack tonight for the beach. We are getting picked up at 0700 tomorrow and will be back late on Sunday. There are still a few things we'd like to see on Monday and Tuesday - the church relic museum. St. Anne's church, and see if there really is a Harley-Davidson dealer here. We found one online but they don't answer their phone. John has emailed his H-D contact and we hope to hear from them soon.

Dad please give me 2 litas so the car will move!

I like pizza!

Look at all that beer!

100% Lithuanian kid

Top of the tower

Flag at the top of the tower

The tower

Funicular ride!

At the base of the funicular.


  1. Enjoying the updates as always, and Detta is following along as well. We were worried when they slowed, but saw how busy you were during those days which explained everything. I was wondering if Saulius having now been gone from the Orphanage for 2 solid weeks is missing it at all? Seems where it was his entire life, that he might be understandably longing for it, or perhaps his friends? Or are you exposing him to so much new stimuli that he hasn't had time to reflect on and long for the familiar?

  2. Hi there....

    Chip and I are still following along and so enjoying your adventure. You are REALLY busy and Saulius obviously loves you both. Lithuania is a beautiful country as you have shown us.
    Anxiously waiting for the next update.

    Love to you and Saulius,

    Bev and Chip