Friday, July 1, 2011

More paperwork!

This is sort of funny - ironic really. I have my Lithuanian citizenship and passport. Got them back in 2002 while trying to get my grandmother's farm returned to us from the government. We didn't get the farm back - bummer - but since I know nothing about pig farming and don't speak lithuanian, maybe it was for the best.

I used my citizenship and passport to prove my Lithuanian heritage for the adoption. But I had not gotten around to changing from my maiden name on either document. When the lawyers went to get Saulius' new birth certificate they found that they needed to update my name and get my marriage recorded in Lithuania. So now I'm getting a new marriage license in Lithuanian. The lawyers offered to get it translated, notarized, certified and apostilled, but I declined, as I think I just need to use my amerian one for anything in the states. I'll have to get a new Lithuanian passport, but will handle that via the Lithuanian embassy in Washington when we get home. As Lithuania is part of the EU, it's nice to have.

Just when we thought there was no new surprise paperwork.......... I hope that's the last of it!

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  1. Still way less surprise paperwork than I anticipated you would be running up against. The food over there does look good!!