Monday, July 4, 2011

Doctor's Again & Photos

We had an early morning today. We all got up and had breakfast. Eating from a sofa on a coffee table has gotten a bit old. Saulius had to go back to the Doctor's office to have his TB test reviewed. They also gave him a physical, and went over the results with us. He has gained two pounds since January. There were no surprises in his results, and he was very good throughout the exams.
We got our lithuanian marriage license too. We explained to Saulius that that piece of paper proved that mom and dad were married. He then announced that all three of us were married. I really wish we understood everything he said, since some of it is so cute.
Then we went to the passport office and applied for Saulius'. They used both of my passports and John's, scanned them into their system. Not really sure why. It should be ready tomorrow. So we will be heading back there and the doctor's office for her report, then to the USA embassy to apply for his visa. Of course, our embassy wasn't open today due to our holiday, and won't be open on Wednesday due to a Lithuanian holiday, so the visa should be ready on Thursday.
After the morning paper-pushing, we came home and got changed for a day out. We had decided to walk back to two museums and St. Anne's Church today. All three are right next to each other. The Amber Museum was first, and was quite interesting. Our second stop was to a religious artifact museum' which turned out to be closed on Monday. So, we walked across the street to St. Anne's which we found out is also closed on Mondays! Argh!!!
So, still filled by our wandering spirit, we went around the corner to a park. They were having a Baltic 2011 Festival. It was kind of like our county fair. We bought a holder for the sash we are having made for Saulius. The fair wasn't far from Pilies Street (a street we are now so familiar with we know the stores by the colors of their awnings) where John bought a street sign for the basement, and a small wooden truck for Saulius. We then headed home as the skies they were a darkening!
Veronica made lunch for us all, and guessed it! We all took a short nap. We decided to eat dinner in, since we need to get thru some of our food stock. Then it was off for another late day walk. We looked at several shops, saw a few more churches, and some more outdoor cafe's.
Saulius is getting better with his English, although right now it's mostly mimicking but he does sometimes say "thank you" and "please." He wasn't too happy to have it sit down to watch a movie, until he realized that it was Shrek! Then it was "quiet, Dad I'm watching Shrek!" As per usual, we made it thru half the movie before he got bored with it.
Tomorrow we go to the US Embassy to process the passport, and hopefully get our third airline ticket.

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