Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PICU progress!

John slept as well as possible. Mom read a good spy novel all night and took a couple of naps after dad got back this morning. The doctors started arriving at 0600 and the big group of all of them made rounds at 1000. John asked the doctor for hot cocoa! They have removed the foley catheter, the rectal temperature probe and the IJ central line. He got a nice big cup of warmed chocolate milk and sucked it down.

We got moved to another spot in the PICU and might get moved to a single step-down room this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Mom is hoping that we move to the single room today so she can sleep In a recliner or bed.
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  1. Such great news! Thanks for the updates, Veronica! Big hugs!!

  2. So glad that John is doing so well! We'll keep the prayers coming :)

    Mrs. Hastings