Saturday, February 18, 2012

First day at home

We all slept great! John ate half yogurt and half a donut. Nana spent the night, some got to visit with her in the morning. We had a lovely quiet day just reading the paper, catching up on mail, finishing the unpacking. John had a nice bath and finally let me remove a few of the band-aids. He still won't let us cut off his hospital bracelet. He played with his toys, watched movies and only had one dose of Tylenol for any pain. We unwrapped a box that came from my cousins Cathy and Ted - they sent a lovely prayer shawl from their church and John started to wear it immediately.

Mom got to go to the grocery store and we had roasted chicken stuffed with sausage stuffing for dinner. The little guy loved his usual chicken leg. Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Ted came by for homemade apple pie and the grandparents stayed to play cards for a little while.
We cannot believe how quickly he is healing, how mobile, strong and resilient our little guy is. Now if we could just get those hospital bracelets off of him!

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  1. For what it is worth - one of my little guys spent a few days in the ER at hopkins, met the clown doctors and all, and also refused to let us remove the bracelet! He wore to preschool for nearly two weeks before we were finally able to cut it off him, with many tears. It is a badge of honor, to be sure!