Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Been Too Long & Rescheduled Twice!!! - part 2....

Part 2:

Car trip to New Jersey for a family funeral, overnights at a convent and a hotel and a visit to relatives.  That day started with a tooth being pulled under light sedation, followed by an earthquake just before taking off for New Jersey in a mini-van with six adults, and sleeping at the convent where his Great Aunt Gloria was a novice.  He also got his first bee sting at his cousin's pool.

A hurricane with power lost for five days so we moved into the farm which had no air conditioning!
Several parties with family and friends including a lovely shower for him,  gatherings of USPP friends, my great Aunt Jeannie’s 89th birthday, a WST reunion pool party, Labor Day picnic, Lithuanian Community Picnic,  family and friends visiting for weekends, birthday parties for his Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Nana, his parents and grandparent’s wedding anniversaries, Cookie Exchange Party, 12th Night Theater Party, etc....  His favorite song is Happy Birthday - which we sing in church almost every week.  He is a real social butterfly.

First haircut which he really seemed to enjoy.

Started all day kindergarten.  John had to get used to formal education which was completely new.  He caught on quickly with help from his wonderful, patient kindergarten and ESOL teachers. He is well-known to everyone at school and is dealing well with all the attention.  He loved the first school field trip to the local firehouse and the day that Mom joined him at school for the Thanksgiving lunch.

Riding the school bus.  He started out on the regular bus, but didn’t understand the rules so he got moved to the special ed bus which has a lovely driver and aide.  He loves riding the bus now and has made friends with all the kids on it.

Started Lithuanian Saturday School where he now speaks English when spoken to in Lithuanian.  After only one week in the USA, we Skyped with my cousins in Kaunus and they said he already had an American accent.

Started Sunday school which he really likes since many of his regular school classmates are there.

Tried to have an overnight with grandma and grandpa but he just didn't want to sleep and was waiting for us to come back.
Halloween!  He dressed up as a Teutonic Knight complete with Lithuanian flag and went Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.

now for part 3......

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