Thursday, February 23, 2012

John heals quickly!

John is back to his old self! We knew he was going to do well when we were walking to the car to leave the hospital and he started pointing at everything asking "What's that?" "What's that?".

His appetite is good, he is playing with his toys, and acting perfectly normally. His only required medications are a one week course of furosemide and some iron supplements which he will get for a couple of months. We can give him Tylenol or oxycodone as needed. He doesn't want either one much, but we have been giving him the oxy at night so he can get a good nights rest. He has had Tylenol a few times - like once or twice a day at most. If I had had that surgery I'd still be wincing with every breath and popping the pain pills right on schedule!

We spent Sunday and Monday just hanging out at home. Lots of playing with toys and watching Mickey Mouse/Calliou/Jake and the Pirates. He was so energetic, I emailed his home school teacher and she was able to see him on Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday morning we went to the pediatrician to get his chest drain stitches removed. He was very scared about that since pulling the drains at the hospital was rather painful. He was a trooper! The doctor said he looked great and all his vital signs were good.

Just a quick nap before dinner!

We had dinner at his grandparents on Tuesday which he enjoyed - he loves visiting them. On Ash Wednesday we were getting dressed for church and he announced that all his shoes were too small. As we were picking up Grandma and need to hurry, we just picked the ones that he would tolerate and hit the road. At church he was very well behaved, loved getting ashes and all the ladies at church fawned all over him. We then went to the mall to get new shoes. We had never had his feet measured - last summer we just tried on shoes until we found the right size. Turns out he went from an 8 to a 9.5/10 in only six months!
Grandma treated us to lunch at Nordstrom's which he really liked. Then a quick trip to the grocery store and home. After playing with his toys for an hour he wanted to play outside. We took a wagon ride to grandma's as the weather was nice. I had hoped that we would give some of his stuffed animals a ride in the wagon, but he decided to join them and let mom give them all a ride over and back.

Today will just be a play at home day. Tomorrow his home school teacher comes for a visit - he just loves her and she is excellent!

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