Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Been Too Long & Rescheduled Twice!!! - part 3....the final chapter!

Part 3 - the final chapter!!

Was baptized and behaved beautifully throughout the ceremony and lunch afterwards. He pointed out that his ceremonial sash was bigger than Msgr. Sal’s.

Thanksgiving with 30 family members (including 5 cousins around his age).  He managed to eat almost a whole turkey leg.

Going to the Lithuanian Embassy for a lovely Kucios (Christmas Eve)/Hanukkah event.

Being in the Lithuanian School Christmas pageant dressed as toy soldier and singing a song about snow.

Getting spoiled at Christmas with tons of affection and some toys.  His favorite gifts were a pirate ship, a Buzz Lightyear and a tie!  He actually loved all the clothes he got and wanted to wear them all, but he really insisted on wearing the tie with his turtleneck all day long.  He wants to be Santa Claus - insisted on wearing a red shirt almost every day in December, with his Santa hat and carrying a sack.  He also got to see the National Christmas Tree and see his Dad in action at work!

Going out to eat at various types of restaurants from McDonald’s to The Candlelight Inn and behaving properly and cleaning his plate.

He will eat anything and wants to try everything on the table.  Some of his favorite choices are cold beet soup, brussels sprouts, shrimp, sour cream, cottage cheese dumplings, fish, yogurt, Chinese food, chili, pizza, any fruit or vegetable, spaghetti with white clam sauce, donuts, pate, and ice cream.  He loves milk with or without chocolate syrup.  He has had some soda and been to McDonald’s but only as an occasional treat.
He is now fluent in English and can write his name.  He loves being read to.  Before he could speak English, we would read to him in English, then he would insist on “reading” the story back to us but would do so in Lithuanian.  Now he re-tells the story in English.
Hopefully we will be able to keep the surgery appointment on February 14th.  We will update this blog with progress reports from the hospital  (got the computer problem figured out!).  Thanks to everyone for all the support prayers, gifts, help, suggestions and encouragement.  We love being parents and have been so blessed to have such a sweet, smart and compassionate son.
Just some pictures of us doing family stuff!

Visiting Mom's firehouse for their Open House

Going to the Mt. Airy Firemen's Carnival.

Bringing Mom flowers!!!

Getting used to having kitty cats.

Visiting Dad's "office".

Visiting the Howard County Fair

Playing with Uncle Ted

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