Friday, February 17, 2012

Day three - wrapped up

John was thrilled with the hard boiled egg for breakfast and even ate a little pizza for lunch. His appetite hasn't been as good as usual but improving. John had his two chest tubes pulled and didn't like it one bit! I couldn't believe how long they were - no wonder he was uncomfortable.
He ate an egg for breakfast, pizza and broccoli for lunch. He is Unable to pee, so they straight cathed him twice. They did a bladder scan and everything is ok. We saw lots of docs - hospital cardiologists, icu fellow and residents, pain management team, surgical team, etc.... We spent most of the day in the PICU but got moved to the third floor before dinner. We had been told we would go to the fourth or sixth floor but they were packed and he is in good enough shape to head to a even lower level. As soon as we got to our room, as part of the settling process, he went to the bathroom and peed! The child life specialist came by and gave him a big truck to play with. He ate a little dinner and watched a couple of movies before bed. He fell asleep around 10 pm and they woke him up at 11 pm for meds and a bathroom trip. He peed again! Looking forward to a good night's sleep. John went home and I got the bedside recliner.

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