Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just waiting.....

Had a nice morning at home. We all slept in a little, got showers, mom and dad managed to sneak in a bite for breakfast, then took off for Hopkins. No traffic issues, found the correct entrance to the huge Hopkins complex and found the pre-op area easily. The little guy was a charmer as always - chatting with the resident, fellow and attending anesthesiologists. They have lots of toys which he checked out and the child-life specialist explained lots of what was going to happen. We got a scrub suit for his special bear so he keeps introducing everyone to his doctor bear. The big apple circus clown care came by, and he danced with them and squeezed their red noses. He loved the hospital pj's and socks - called them his doctor clothes. He was very brave but got a little concerned once he was on the operating table. He fell asleep quickly with the gas and we were able to kiss him. They gave him a bear while they were attaching all the monitoring equipment which they will put an ID bracelet on and a bandage to match his.

We grabbed a quick lunch, took a walk to put his clothes in the car (felt great to get some fresh air) and are now hanging in the waiting room. We got to the hospital at 10:30, they took us all to the OR at 12:30, and the surgery started at 1:50. He went on bypass at 2:20. They have a great system to keep families apprised of the progress.

All the good thoughts, prayers and support has been amazing and most appreciated.

Thank goodness for free Wi-Fi at Hopkins!

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