Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day three - progress!

John looks great! He's having some urinary retention due to the pain meds, but we are going to work on that by pushing fluids. He should get the chest tubes out today and get moved to a regular floor. Overnight he got the arterial line pulled and his surgical site bandage changed. The surgical site looks good but he wants to pick at it. He is a little allergic to some tapes and got a little blister at one site.

Daddy got to the hospital at 0530. Mommy got to sleep in the mommy dorm. It's an old hospital room with four chairs that fold out flat in curtained areas. There is a shower! So mommy is rested and clean.
We found that John got a new blanket and two matchbox cars. The blanket is red, black and taupe fleece with big red tractors on it. We will get to take it home too.
Nursing change of shift is in progress, three doctors have popped by and we are expecting the whole gaggle of docs soon. John is looking forward to his boiled egg for breakfast.

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  1. So glad to hear he is doing well! Hopkins is a wonderful place.